Other Versions

While the only really good way to play Deluxe Galaga is on a real Amiga or via Amiga emulation, some folks would rather have flashy graphics or touch screen controls rather than proper game play. Here is how you can play a similar version of Deluxe Galaga.

Is there a PC/Mac/mobile version?

Yes – it’s called Warblade. It is coded by the author of the original Deluxe Galaga for the Amiga. There are versions for PC, Mac and iPhone (unfortunately no Android version).  You can get all the versions of Warblade here.

Is it an identical version to the Amiga?

Most elements of the game are the same, yes. It is nearly the exact same game in terms of powerups, bonuses, alien types, etc. The graphics and framerate have been dramatically improved. The game feels ‘slower’ and almost ‘sluggish’ compared to the Amiga version in my opinion – but for those that don’t want to run Amiga software emulated – it’s a nice alternative.

What about network play?

No, there is no network/internet play on any version of Deluxe Galaga or Warblade.