Welcome to 2018!

We got the domain name back.  We’ve moved the site to WordPress.  We have an all new PC based installer that is even easier to use than ever before (you’ll still have to provide your own Kickstart image).

Next year we celebrate 20 years of supporting this amazing game.  Thanks for being here with us.


FAQ update, WinFELLOW

Added a few items to the FAQ (namely the keys to use while playing – seems folks can’t find the right CTRL key). I get one or two mails a month about it, so its added to the FAQ.

Good news – Deluxe Galaga seems to work fine in the latest incarnation of the WinFELLOW emulator. You Windows 2k/NT folks can finally play Deluxe Galaga. Check out my own Amiga Emulation Zone for more about this emulator and to get more games for your emulator.